My Background

A bit about me well, where does one start? I have always been visually impaired I suffer from an eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) for short. Much of my later life has been guided by my eyesight condition.


I attended in 2001 a one year residential course at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. The course was ‘Remedial Therapy.

I gained qualifications in Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Vertical reflex therapy, F.A. Basic Care Of Sports Injuries and also the theory aspect in Anatomy and Physiology and as a Post Graduate went to train in Hammersmith London for a qualification with the Academy of On Site Massage.

So here we are GJA Therapies a sole trader whose aim is to promote our Therapies to achieve a better state of health for all with a more holistic approach.

Unfortunately for me after 16 years doing table massage I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) I now primarily practice Reflexology, Seated Acupressure Massage and encompass techniques used in Vertical Reflex Therapy in my treatments.