Prices & FAQ

Price Guide

  • Full Reflexology £25.00 50 minutes
  • Seated Acupressure Massage £15.00 approx 30 minutes
  • Combination of above £25.00 approx 60 minutes

All, appointments are by telephone or via email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can anyone have a Reflexology treatment?
A: Most people can have Reflexology however there are some contra indications that would prevent a treatment being given so it is always advisable to contact the Reflexologist in advance to discuss your treatment aims and objectives.
Q: How long is a Reflexology session?
A: A full session is typically around 50 minutes, slightly longer on your first visit as a Medical Consultation Form has to be completed.
Q: How often should I have Reflexology?
A: Initially a couple of sessions would be needed for your body to accept and establish the benefit of the treatment and the length of session and frequency would be unique to each client.
Q: Are there any side effects from Reflexology?
A: There are no known strong side effects from the treatment but there can be a ‘positive healing crisis’ following a session such as headache, tiredness, runny nose.
Q: I am in my first 3 months of pregnancy can I have a Reflexology treatment?
A: It would be unethical to do such a treatment in early pregnancy as possibly the extra stimulation to rid the body of toxins could be contra indicated to the well being of a baby.
Q: I suffer with Stress and Anxiety would Reflexology help?
A: Yes most certainly, stimulating reflex points would release negative stress toxins and promote self healing to achieve our own homeo-statis.
Q: What is the appropriate Clothes to wear during a session?
A: The most important factor is that you are comfortable, you remain clothed and footwear, socks etc are removed to allow access to the feet, these are wiped and we use a Lavender Cream to moisten the feet prior to a gentle massage of the feet before the treatment begins, you are comfortably positioned in a recliner type chair during the session.
Q: Can a Reflexologist determine what is wrong with me by examining and treating my feet or hands?
A: No Reflexologist should attempt to diagnose any health condition or advise a change in prescribed medication, a treatment can compliment mainstream medication and in many cases relieve side effects of certain medication, however often during a treatment questions can arise about what the Reflexologist or Client may have felt.
Q: Should a Reflexologist be insured?
A: Yes any professional therapist should have Public Liability Insurance and Medical Malpractice Insurance with a valid Certificate being on display in the treatment area.

If you have any questions relating to the treatments we offer please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.