Reflexology in Exmouth

We work mainly on the soles of the feet, sometimes hands, to locate areas within the body where energy has possibly become congested to a point where outward signs may be affecting ones own health and well being. Reflex points are stimulated on the feet to encourage our body to ‘self heal’ small crystal like deposits can be felt in certain areas of the feet which are believed to relate to areas of the body, by releasing these deposits we are able to literally flussh the body through and encourage fresh energy to flow and re-balance our body to our own individual ‘homeo-statis’.

A full Reflexology session takes 45 to 50 minutes to complete following an initial consultation to ensure the client has no contra indications to this form of therapy.

Seated Acupressure Massage in Exmouth

on site chair figures

Sometimes referred to as OSM (On Site Chair Massage). There are no oils used and the client remains clothed, loose clothing is more appropriate such as Track suit bottoms and T-Shirts.

A specially designed ergonomic chair is used for the client to be supported in a semi kneeling position with head forward resting in a face cradle to support the neck and shoulders, this position allows easy access for the practitioner to work on the neck, shoulders, arms and all of the upper and lower back.

The practitioner using a combination of finger, thumb and elbow presses on various pressure points on the clients upper body this allows muscular tension to decrease, relaxation to increase, energy to flow and assist the body to re-balance, promote the ridding of toxins and re-vitalise the body, this form of seated massage being done through clothes makes it very useful for use in the workplace it also only takes approx 30 minutes to complete a set full sequence, although in the workplace the sequences are adjusted to meet varying time limits.


A Combination

I have developed a one hour session of the two therapies above which offers 30 minutes of short sequence Reflexology and 25 mins of Seated Acupressure Massage. This powerful combined therapy offers the physical ‘hands on’ massage strokes typically used in table massage along with the inner body balancing techniques benefitted from Reflexology.